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I’M NOT GOING TO SAY I’M SORRY  – full band/contemporary country SOMEWHERE BETWEEN – full band/contemporary country REAL MAN THING – acoustic/modern coutnry DADDY’S GIRL – full band/modern country IT’S ALMOST CHRISTMAS – full band/kid’s song BALLAD OF THE YELLOW HAIRED-SQUAW – full band/contemporary country THE DAY MY JESUS DIED – full band/gospel I GOT TEXAS ALL OVER ME – full band/modern country YOU TEXT ME UP – full band/pop country NO MORE CITY NIGHTS – full band/contemporary country REALITY – full band/contemporary country RAIN RIDER – acoustic/country & westen FALLING INTO A SEA OF PAIN – full band/modern rockBEFORE AND AFTER”

Whether it’s straight up country or something out of the ordinary, we strive to make your songs sing! More samples from different music genres are available upon request.  

All songs copy written and used with permission


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