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Are you ready to start making money from your songs? We can help! Whether or not your songs were recorded by us we’ll get them online for you on several of the world’s largest digital download stores including iTunes, YouTube, CD Baby, Amazon, Google Music, Rhapsody, iHeart Radio, Spotify and others. As you may know, CD sales are down but digital download sales are skyrocketing. It’s time you took part in this revolution! With our service, we will digitally master your songs (they must be processed this way to be sold), provide artwork (even if you don’t have any), pay for the bar code and all upload fees, and get your songs online. The account we will create will be ALL YOURS! You keep all the songs’ rights and pocket ALL the money generated from sales. We just get ya set up!

Rates are as follows:

$69/ per track     –    $179 per album (up to 12 songs) – prices include tax

If you have a song or album on cassette, we can convert that too!! Just add  $25 per song, $75 per album.

Please print and fill out the following information:

Your first and last name_____________________________________________________________

Band name (if applicable) _____________________________________________________________

Username (you choose any name)_______________________________________________________

Email address (if none we’ll create one for you free!)__________________________________________

Mailing address_____________________________________________________________________

Phone #  __________________________________________________________________________

Songs’ author/owner_________________________________________________________________

Record label (if applicable)_____________________________________________________________

Description of song or album (what style, what influences, etc.) _________________________________



_____________________________________________________________(use another page if needed)

Genre of music _______________________________________________________________________

Mood or style of music_________________________________________________________________

Explicit lyrics? Indicate which titles ______________________________________________________

If sending an album, list of all track titles in order _____________________________________________________________________________




_____________________________________________________________(use another page if needed)

We will create a temporary password which you can go in and change once your account is set up.

Now all we need is a copy of the song/songs. Send us the highest quality file you can (wav, aif, etc.) and we’ll take it from there. Mp3s are OK (since we’ll master the track) but not preferred. If you have artwork, send it to us as a digital file or if you have a picture we can scan it and create title graphics if needed. If you don’t have any artwork, we can create something simple and to the point…each song or album just needs some kind of picture associated with it to be sold.

And that’s about it! Once the account is set up it takes between 1-2 weeks to post online, and you’re in!

Mail/email this form along with a check or money order made out to Aerugo Productions or just Paypal us for the amount of songs you want done and be sure to include your songs, artwork if you have it and any album notes you want to give us. Mail to:

Aerugo Productions  P.O. Box 22242  Nashville, TN 37202

You can also send songs/artwork digitally to Call anytime – (615) 590-7630

For PayPal use

Get excited, your songs are about to go worldwide! Please call us or email us if you have additional questions and as always, write on!


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