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This guy is great with demos. He has done quite a few of mine.. He is the best around in Nashville, TN. Thanks William!!  –  P. Melton, Litt Carr, KY

I’ve been putting your name out there and telling all my songwriter friends about your company. I’ve been tryin’ to push you and your company as hard as I can cause ya’ll do great work and i believe you have a good work ethic as I do. My next song is on the way…I know you guys will make it sing!! – K. Smith, Midwest City, OK

I’m William’s longest running customer, Aerugo Productions has recorded over 75 songs for me, I am obviously very pleased! – G. Taylor, Gilbert, SC
I didn’t know I wrote such great songs until I started sending them to AP, they put my lyrics to wonderful original music and now they sound like hits!! – M. Watson, Atlanta, GA

LOVE what you did with my song,  you and Sandi did a great job. I can’t wait to get the next one to you, thank you so much for your talent!! – J. Dixon, Charlotte, NC

What can be more fun than listening to music that has been added to some words you have written and to hear a good singer with your own cd singing words from your heart. You can’t get that feeling from a glass of whiskey or a broken heart but you can get that feeling from writing a song about it. William and Sandi do a great job for me and they can for you too! – N.S. White, Palm Beach, FL

I’ve been working with William Sherry, Jr. since 2018 and we have created a catalog of songs that are charting in several places. We have a variety of genres of music from Americana, Bluegrass, Country, Celtic and Christian Music. It doesn’t seem to matter which genre we have, the music charts…and other artists are doing several covers of these songs! I attribute that to not only to William’s skills when it comes to creating a memorable Demo, but the special effort he makes to work so closely with me to create a unique song. We have used so many different instruments in our music, and we just keep making new songs that people love. I know you will be so impressed with your final product and can’t say enough to highlight the reasons to choose William and Aerugo Productions. In a short time, we have completed four albums, and I will continue to work with William because he gets the job done, and produces quality that is consistent and it really is a pleasure to work with him. I am very happy to have found William and feel confident that you will also be pleased. –  C. Wellness,  Springfield, OR


  1. William has done outstanding – and affordable – sequencing and arranging for a variety of my songs, which range in style from flamenco to country to pop to ballads and back to salsa…I mean ALL over the place. I remember when I sent him the flamenco song via an audio message in which I spent more time explaining the vibe I wanted than I did singing the melody! He nailed it first time around.
    I live and work in Miami and there is a lot of talent down here, but William remains my go to guy for all this stuff. I am delighted to see you online (’bout time!) and enthusiastically recommend your services to future customers!

    Best, Jose

  2. this is the place to have your “demos” made!!

  3. Mr. Sherry is one of the greatest producers of song material in Nashville and around the country. I have had the opportunity and honored to work with him on my material. He is “AWESOME”. I have been involved with labels, and a few major artists, in my past career. I am confident enough to say…he is The NEW Marty Stuart of the biz. Give his songs a listen! Keep the faith rockin’ brothers! Jameselle Bond

  4. When you get on the same page with Will Sherry it’s nothing but GREAT MUSIC!!!!!!!!! Sandi Kight is one of the best vocalists I’ve heard. She has always did a GREAT JOB ON ALL MY SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am looking foward to making more BEAUTIFUL MUSIC TOGETHER IN THE FUTURE


  5. I tell ya folks if your looking to have a demo made talk to Aerugo Productions, They do great work ! They did some for me and did a wonderful job, William will listen to what you want and work with you and his pricing isn’t bad….!

  6. William is a true talent! So far He has produced a few of my songs and I could not be more pleased with the creativity and quality of the final product. It’s a real pleasure working with William, because he understands what you want out of the song and then takes that and improves on it! The price is very competative and in my opinion you get every penny’s worth and more. The vocals also sound great and the current female singer Sandi Kight has a wonderful voice. I would recommend William in a heartbeat, to anyone seeking to get a professional demo of their song produced.

  7. Mr. Sherry is my best song demo guy! Not just saying that I have never had a bad demo from him. He feels your view on the song and runs with it. Man if you need an incredible demo then use this demo service. I have a long lasting list of demo services but in simple words this demo service is the “BEST!”

  8. When I Came To This Site I Checked Everything Out Like Anyone Would But, Saw Where William Had Done Some Work For A Friend Of Mine Who I Associate With On Facebook So, I Contacted This Person We Talked & From What He Had To Say About William & Aerugo Productions I Made My Decision To Work With William & Aerugo Productions. So, Far We’ve Only Did One Song But, Everything Is Just As You See It Affordable, Good Work, They Care About The Music & Will Do Everything They Can To Get The Music Like You Want!!! Our Song We Did Is A True Hero I Wrote It Its On My Youtube Page, Facebook, Reverbnation, Twitter ,Etc.. When I Got The Song Back & Heard The Music I Was Taken Back At How Good Of A Job They Did They Really Did An Awesome Job Of Matching The Music With The Lyrics To My Song. I Let All My Friends & Family Hear It And They All Loved It!!! I Have Had Some Bad Deals In The Past Doing Music Projects I Paid Em & Was Told How To Sing It, They Got The Music All Wrong It Just Went Terrible But, I Am Very Satisfied With The Way William Called And Talked To Me About His Company & We Didnt Just Talk Business We Talked About Music It Was Like Talking To A Friend I’d Known My Whole Life ,I Could Tell He Cared Deeply About The Music, What He & His Company Do & It Wasn’t All About The Money!!! He Made Me Feel Very Confident & Comfortable Working With Him On A Song So, I Sent Him The Song & Like Everything Says Here They Are Definatley 100% Professional &The Honor System Does Apply I Look Forward To Working With William And Aerugo Productions Again In The Future & I Would Reccomend Him & His Company To Anyone Wanting Good Professionally Produced Demos At Very Affordable Prices You Get 100% What You Pay For !!!!!!!

  9. Very well said Shawn, and very true ! William has always been fair and square with me !

  10. William is the guy! He takes good care of my music. He pays attention to details. And he is one of the most honest guys I’ve ever talked to. Brilliant music skills and extremely easy to work with.

    So far he has produced only one song for me — Howard ( He and Sandi greatly exceed my expectations. It is a sad song, but I couldn’t stop smiling when I had the first few listens, because the production was so good! And Sandi is unbelievable. Hat’s off to both of you!

    I cannot stress enough how honest the guy is. When he sees a good demo to which he thinks he can add little value, he says it — something that money-hungry demo producers would never say. I have the impression that he is not running a business. He is running a fair trade organisation. Very fair indeed. I can see he takes his time, treating each of his clients like they were his ONLY client. I will pour more of my songs his way for sure!

    • George Peter Block, Jr.
    • Posted September 10, 2016 at 9:59 pm
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    I consider William Sherry, Jr. to be a musical genius. I email William my extremely rough MP3s of the songs I have written consisting of me just singing with an acoustic guitar, and William then does his magic, creating high quality demos at extremely affordable prices. William is a brilliant, multi-instrumentalist musician, and the creativity he exhibits in his productions knows no bounds. The vocalists whom William uses are outstanding. I get solicitations from other production companies. I have tried them, and William’s productions are far more imaginative and far more creative for less money. When William finishes producing a demo of one of my songs, my first reaction is always “I wrote that song?!? I don’t even recognize it it’s so good!.”

  11. Great demos at a great price. William Sherry, Jr. does a great job bringing my songs to life!

  12. William Sherry and his staff are highly professional and easy to work with. I have some music training, but primarily work by ear without writing out the sheet music, etc. I was so happy to find these folks because all I had to do was record my songs into my phone, email them along with the lyrics and that was it. The songs came out really well and the mixes were very clean. They did everything they said they’d do. You can’t go wrong with this company.

  13. I highly recommend Aerugo Productions for anyone looking for an EXCELLENT and professional song production. Mr William Sherry Jr is awesome to work with and will provide honest feedback. He is not out to just produce your songs just because you have money to pay, he is out to help songwriters to grow and improve their songwriting skills. And best of all Aerugo Productions is one of the MOST affordable and high quality song productions out there. In the beginning, as a young inexperienced songwriter, I spent thousands of dollar to have some of my songs produced by some demo song services who were just in it for the money and did not care if the song turned out good or bad. But now that I have found Aerugo Productions I am getting many of my songs reproduced because of Aerugo Productions high quality singers and professional musicians. I highly recommend Aerugo Productions!

    I wrote a jingle that I needed for a documentary. I can not sing so I sent them a demo to Aerugo Productions. The results were EXACTLY what I was looking for! I was so happy and pleased with the results. Here is the before and after:

    Here is another song they produced for me:

  14. I couldn’t be more pleased! William is a joy to work with and offers constructive criticism with grace and respect. He is always receptive and enthusiastic when he receives my lyrics. He has the ability to read my lyrics and intuitively knows where to take the songs. He helped me receive high praise from a well-known songwriter and music critic. I look forward to our continued partnership and know that he will continue to give each of my songs his personal attention and professional best.

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