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William Sherry, Jr. (producer/musician/vocalist) has been a Nashville resident for almost 30 years and has well over 5000 song demos to his credit. In addition, he has composed hundreds of songs that have been heard on CNN, G4, the Fuse, Comedy Central, ESPN and more. He produced the album “RSU: How Freedom Sounds” for DualTone records, home of BR549, Hayseed Dixie, Van Zandt and the June Carter Cash catalog, as well as a song on the 2011 Grammy nominated children’s album “Healthy Food For Thought” (he lost to Julie Andrews!!) He has scored several movies as well such as “Blind”, “Wicked Pursuits” and “Blood Oath” for Troma Films. He has written songs for Cledus T. Judd, Taylor Made, Paula Jo Taylor and has worked with such artists as Craig Campbell and Gretchen Wilson. He is also an active writer for “Songs of Love”, an organization which helps to heal children with the medicine of music. Please support them at

William lives in Nashville with his wife and their 2 daughters.

Sandi Kight (vocalist) has been praised as “a truly wholesome act” with “remarkable versatility being equally comfortable on stage with an audience of 25,000 or 200”. Her experiences in live performance make Sandi stand out as a true entertainer. Sandi spends her time in Nashville pursuing her songwriting goals, working in music studios doing demo recording work for other writers and producers, and teaching singing and performance skills to her private students. Along with her band, Sandi has opened concerts for such recording artists as Wade Hayes, Perfect Stranger, Tim McGraw and Terri Clark. In the summer of 2000, Sandi auditioned and earned a spot in the entertainment department at Walt Disney World.


  1. Cool tunes guys!!! from: Rockin Robin Rox.

  2. Mr. Sherry is one of the most talented singers, musicians, producers, and arrangers in Nashville Tennessee.

      • Keith & Kevin Rogers
      • Posted March 31, 2022 at 9:30 am
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      Man, Mr. Sherry is “Nashville.” He helped put my Children’s song album on You Tube through CD-Baby. People have actually paid to hear these songs. I am glad I can leave a legacy with our music. Thanks, Kevin Rogers of Covid Recovery Ministry.

  3. Hey Mr. Sherry!!!!! For all you FINE MUSIC LOVIN’ FOLKS out there. Let me let you in on a little “NASHVILLE” secret. William Sherry is one of THE BEST TRACK RUNNERS in the city. At a VERY affordable price I might add. Thanks Mr. Sherry.

    “Grace” Rene’
    Singer/Songwriter Chloe’s Mom, Old Family Bible, Precious Family Christmas Time, tracks engineered by William Sherry.

  4. Mr. Sherry is an amazing composer and producer. If you want real product and someone who cares about the music, this is the man to talk to…Thanks for all your work…

  5. William Sherry can’t be beat when it comes to projects, because he makes your project personal. When he finishes your project you won’t be dissatisfied. I love Sherry’s ideas and arrangements of songs. In few words you will have a demo that is “Super Awesome.”

  6. William dose a wonderful job , great quality and pricing , I would refer him to anyone looking to have there song,s put to music ….

  7. Mr Sherry delivers a quality product and is good value. I have used a number of demo services over time and I would stand this one up against any one of them.

  8. Mr. Sherry has done it again by demoing the “Power of a Song” that is being reviewed by Rex Benson major songwriter and publisher. You won’t go wrong with this demo service. Rock on Aerugo Productions!

    • Annette Wallace
    • Posted September 25, 2014 at 12:23 pm
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    I’m completely happy with William Sherry’s service. Great businessman and affordable prices. You can’t go wrong with this demo service. Keep up the great work. Keep it rockin’.

    • Michael Evans/Jim Krol/Janet Evans
    • Posted December 13, 2014 at 3:32 am
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    We love the job that William has done for us. He also is fun to work with.

    • I agree with you. He’s a great guy to work with.

  9. William Sherry has done an outstanding job with putting my song lyrics to music. He has sang songs I have written such as “Beautiful You”, “You didn’t Walk Away” “The Letter” and others. Sandi has outstanding vocals and has used her wonderful talent with my songs “God needed an Angel” and “How will he Tell Her” and one other. If you would like to hear more of their work go to The dedication that these two put deserves to be noticed, the time effort and passion that they put in all the songs is outstanding. I am forever grateful to them both. Thank you so much!

  10. Thank you William and Sandi for making my songwriting job a whole lot easier, ’cause if it wasn’t for the two of you putting music to my lyrics I would still be around, but I may be searching for something else to do. For you are SIMPLY THE BEST IN THE MUSIC & SONG MAKING BUSINESS!!!

  11. I can’t thank William enough for the outstanding work on my song The Longest Day of My Life. I wrote the song for my wife when we remarried recently and it’s exactly what I wanted. The emotion in William’s voice nailed it. My second song When Did Love Die in This Relationship was sung by Sandi Kight and she did a fantastic job. She sang the song with attitude and energy. The song sounds like Pink and as a result she executed the brief brilliantly. Simply, William understood my requirements and actioned them accordingly. Great work and well done from

  12. Being a good songwriter (lyricist) takes a few years to fully develop that hidden gift inside your soul which makes my job such a whole lot easier, but it comes with challenges which includes finding a rhyming word pattern and adding that special hook line that makes or breaks a songs’ success. I’ve been fortunately able to be collorabrated with Starlite & Aerugo Productions for more than 25 years and enjoying listening to my finished product of my growing number of velvet songs. And if you have that special hidden talent that shouts out at you saying GIVE ME A SHOT NOW then GO FOR IT & NOT JUST GIVE IT A TRY, JUST DO IT!!!!! And I believe if you have THAT hidden talent that’s shouting at your ears then go to Aerugo Productions and they’ll do the rest.

    • ♻️Karma And Justice ⚖
    • Posted June 27, 2020 at 1:14 pm
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    Aerugo Productions is a blessing in disguise! I am pleased with their prices. I have worked with song demo services in the past who charged for every single thing such as wanting to have a one on one communication by either email or call them personally to go over production notes. Being on a limited income, I do not have $1200 to $1500 for a full band, vocals and one on one communication. Aerugo Productions have not only affordable plans that accommodates each individual’s budget, but they have outstanding customer service communication and fantastic vocals, musicians and songwriters. Because of this, I look forward to coming back to them over and over. Also, with other demo song services, before you can get any feedback on your songs before productions, they require you to pay an evaluation fee or buy the production packages upfront. Not being able to afford the evaluation fees, I skipped it and the result was a bad song. I love how Aerugo Productions will be completely honest with every single lyric and overall song storyline. With Aerugo Productions, it does not feel as though you are doing business with a business, but instead, it feels as though you are doing business with a friend. That’s how they made me feel with their follow up communications. Oh, and one more unique thing Aerugo Productions does that blows my mind…They will send you the instrumental melody that their songwriters wrote. With other demo song services that would be an extra fee if you want the instrumental melody to your lyrics. Having the instrumental melody is very useful when you are making movies. Overall on a scale of 1 to 5 I would rate Aerugo Productions a 5. I highly recommend Aerugo Productions song demo services for your songwriting needs. I provided the lyrics and they produced my lyrics into beautiful songs. Hear my samples for yourself.:

    1. Commercial jingle for my documentary:

    2. Song about forgiveness after infidelity:

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